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Brittany Thomas, LSW – Primary Therapist

🧑 In Person, 📹 Telehealth


Brittany genuinely enjoys being a positive, empowering force in the lives of others. It has been said that her incorporation of light bodywork and meditation practices makes her groups unique. Brittany aims to provide a reflective listening ear that challenges negative assumptions while validating and empathizing with experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Socratic questions are used for eliciting deeper discussions, experiential exercises are introduced gradually to allow for necessary trauma processing, psycho-educational explanations are provided while establishing treatment goals and objectives, and a mix of evidence-based interventions are called upon for building up healthy coping skills, strong self-care routines, interpersonal effectiveness, and an empowered sense of self along the way.


Temple University Masters in Social Work, 2022. Temple University Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, 2013

Why you are passionate about your job?

It has been said that mental health issues are not our fault, but they are our responsibility. Helping to guide others to the people, tools, interventions, and practices that can help lead to a path of healing is a privilege. As a primary individual therapist and group facilitator at Victory Bay, Brittany demonstrates her personal dedication to the importance of a strong therapeutic alliance built on trust, safety, empathy, and connection.


👩‍⚕️ Client Care, 🏥 Clinical, 💆‍♀️ Mental Health Program
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