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New Years Resolutions for Recovery

Hat’s off to another New Year in recovery! Whether it’s your first New Year recovering from substance use, mental health disorders, or an eating disorder, or your tenth, each new year offers us the opportunity to reinforce and enhance our recovery practices. Everyone’s heard of New Year’s Resolutions, which means everyone knows data shows most people…

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Restarting the Recovery Process After a Relapse

The Transtheoretical Model, also known as the Stages of Change, is a conceptual framework clinicians who work in the substance use field use to identify best interventions for how to work with those in recovery. These stages of change are:  Precontemplation (Resistant & Unmotivated)  Contemplation (Working up to Change, Hyper-aware of Cons of Change)  Preparation…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting an Addiction Detox Program

The detox process is a critical part of beginning your recovery journey. It’s the first step in surrender and a pathway to laying a foundation from which your healing can begin. Addiction detox centers are medical and therapeutic facilities that assist clients in safely discontinuing drug or alcohol use, offering well-rounded services to ensure they…

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The Timeline of Substance Use Detox

If you’ve made the choice to end your substance abuse, it’s important to know that your journey is just beginning. You’ve made a brave and empowering choice that has led you to take control of your life again. Once you’ve settled on this decision, it’s time to reach out for the myriad resources and help…

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Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

husband wondering is my loved one an alcoholic

Is my loved one an alcoholic? It is not easy to discover whether your loved one is an alcoholic, and sometimes it takes something dire to accept the truth. Some people who struggle with substance abuse may not portray the common signs, such as a decline in health, slurring, and staggering. It may be difficult…

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Dangers of Binge Drinking

man beginning to realize the dangers of binge drinking

Binge drinking is common, especially among college students. Binge drinking means drinking as much alcohol as needed for one to get drunk. Drinking to oblivion leads to the production of high blood alcohol levels that pass the 0.08% driving limit. Misguided college students often use the free time to practice binge drinking with their friends. Worse…

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Risks of Alcohol Abuse

sad woman considering the risks of alcohol abuse

Most people in the United States drink beer or wine as a way of enjoying themselves or relaxing. Alcohol is common in most social gatherings as a way of celebration. To prevent alcohol use disorder, you need to monitor the amount of alcohol you consume. Heavy drinking means consuming more than three drinks a day…

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Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

man wondering at home does alcohol kill brain cells

For years, people have talked about the idea that drinking large amounts of alcohol kills brain cells. However, few people actually know if it’s true or just a rumor. Does alcohol kill brain cells? Before you learn the answer, take a look at how alcohol affects the brain. At Victory Bay, we can show you…

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How to Quit Drinking

man staring at glass of liquor wondering how to quit drinking

For some people, not having a drink is easy. They can simply stop drinking whenever they want. However, it’s not so easy for those who have developed a dependence or addiction. Since binge and heavy drinking is hazardous to their health, they need to find out how to quit drinking. Are you looking for an…

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Is Addiction a Disease?

is addiction a disease figure in black hoodie sitting against grey wall

Is addiction a disease? Whether you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse issue, addiction or alcoholism, you may have heard addiction referred to as a disease. You also may be wondering why is addiction a disease. While using drugs or alcohol may be a choice, addiction impacts your brain chemistry and…

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