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New Years Resolutions for Recovery

Hat’s off to another New Year in recovery! Whether it’s your first New Year recovering from substance use, mental health disorders, or an eating disorder, or your tenth, each new year offers us the opportunity to reinforce and enhance our recovery practices. Everyone’s heard of New Year’s Resolutions, which means everyone knows data shows most people…

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Restarting the Recovery Process After a Relapse

The Transtheoretical Model, also known as the Stages of Change, is a conceptual framework clinicians who work in the substance use field use to identify best interventions for how to work with those in recovery. These stages of change are:  Precontemplation (Resistant & Unmotivated)  Contemplation (Working up to Change, Hyper-aware of Cons of Change)  Preparation…

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3 Ways to Support Early Sobriety

Father Enjoying Life In Sobriety

When a person is fresh out of recovery, their sobriety may not be guaranteed. While they may intend to stay sober, the reality is that the transition back into normal life is difficult and can be jarring, even if they have a sober living plan. There is a structure to their day, and they know…

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3 Ways to Enjoy a Sober Thanksgiving

sober thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is filled with many traditions. The kids come home from college, the house smells of wonderful home-cooked meals, and the family gets together to celebrate. Quite often, Thanksgiving also involves alcohol and, sometimes, drugs. But what if you want to have a sober Thanksgiving? For some in recovery, that can be a real…

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How to Maintain Sobriety During Christmas

how to maintain sobriety during christmas, close up of christmas tree ornament

Addiction, substance abuse disorders, and alcoholism impact roughly 23 million Americans annually, while 10% of Americans will eventually develop a substance abuse disorder. Additionally, another 33% of Americans will struggle with a drinking problem or alcoholism in their lifetime, making substance abuse-related disorders relatively common. Whether you are struggling with a substance abuse problem or…

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Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas

sober new years eve ideas, close up of a sparkler

One of the most common times to engage in partying, drinking, and drug use is during the holidays. In fact, nearly half of all adults in the United States binge drink during New Year’s alone, which can make it difficult to find sober New Year’s Eve ideas. Substance abuse disorders, addiction, and alcoholism annually impacts…

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Sober Holiday

A family sitting around having a Sober holiday

Congratulations! This may be your first sober holiday in a while. You can usher in the season with a sense of pride and hope for the future. However, holidays always come with challenges. Triggers and temptations will be everywhere, as you associate certain people, places, or situations with drinking or taking drugs. Now is the…

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