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Navigating the Holidays With an Eating Disorder

The holidays claim to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for those with an eating disorder these seasons present new and difficult challenges for staying on track with recovery. Why is that? First and foremost, the holidays are an emotionally taxing time for those who don’t have an eating disorder. Family drama,…

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How to Repair Relationships After Addiction

repairing relationships after addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction are a family disease. When one person in a family is suffering from substance abuse, others are also feeling the effects of this. Because of this, addiction can destroy personal relationships. With help from Victory Bay Recovery Center in Laurel Springs, New Jersey, repairing relationships during addiction recovery is possible. Rebuilding…

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Overcoming Codependency

patient with therapist Overcoming Codependency

Codependency is a psychological condition in which a person has a preoccupation and unreasonable dependence on another person. A codependent relationship can be emotional, social, or physical. Although codependency is often associated with addiction, it can also happen outside of substance abuse. Overcoming codependency often requires professional help from an addiction treatment center in New…

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How to Heal as a Family After Addiction

family hugging after learning how to heal as a family after addiction

Addiction affects both the person who is using the substance and their loved ones. The longer an addiction lasts, the more emotional and physical toll it will take on the home. Eventually, all relationships become strained and home life becomes more challenging. But it is possible to learn how to heal as a family after…

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How Addiction Affects Families

women in family talking about how addiction affects families

Addiction is a disease that affects every member of the household. While some family members may become emotional or combative, others will withdrawal and isolate themselves. Still, other people fall into a mode of codependency. How addiction affects families largely depends on several factors including family stability, the nature of the addiction if there is…

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Recovery Support Systems

Recovery Support Systems, two women hugging and smiling

When we think about taking care of ourselves, we automatically think of exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating more greens. What if it was more than that? Does social connectedness play a role in self-care?

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How Substance Abuse Affects the Family

how substance abuse affects the family, shadow of parents fighting above child sitting against wall with face covered

There’s an old adage that states an addiction takes no prisoners. Time and again, that statement has proven to be true. An untreated addiction will take everything the addiction sufferer has and everything they could have in the future. Among the things addiction does to the addiction sufferer’s life is damage to their family unit.…

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Help for Parents of Drug Addicts

help for parents of drug addicts, older mother hugging daughter

Addiction is a family disease that doesn’t discriminate. Anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or income, can develop a substance abuse disorder, addiction, or alcoholism in their lifetime. Addiction impacts the person struggling with a substance abuse disorder and friends, family members, and loved ones. Help for parents of drug addicts is often included during…

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How to Maintain Sobriety During Christmas

how to maintain sobriety during christmas, close up of christmas tree ornament

Addiction, substance abuse disorders, and alcoholism impact roughly 23 million Americans annually, while 10% of Americans will eventually develop a substance abuse disorder. Additionally, another 33% of Americans will struggle with a drinking problem or alcoholism in their lifetime, making substance abuse-related disorders relatively common. Whether you are struggling with a substance abuse problem or…

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Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas

sober new years eve ideas, close up of a sparkler

One of the most common times to engage in partying, drinking, and drug use is during the holidays. In fact, nearly half of all adults in the United States binge drink during New Year’s alone, which can make it difficult to find sober New Year’s Eve ideas. Substance abuse disorders, addiction, and alcoholism annually impacts…

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