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Our patient-centered approach for treating gambling disorders offers a wide variety of therapies to address each individual’s specific needs. Learn more about the specific therapies we offer below!

At Victory Bay, we aim to help those struggling to find freedom from the grip of gambling addiction and live the life they deserve.

Our proven treatment program provides the support necessary to find recovery, wellness, and maintain a life beyond the bet.

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  • Gambling Addiction Specialists
  • Confidential & Secure
  • Convenient Online Care Offered
  • Individual Therapy & Psychiatry
  • Individually Tailored Treatment Programs
  • In-Person Services Offered
  • Assistance With Self-Exclusion
  • Support Groups Available
  • $0 Out-Of-Pocket Cost For Many Patients

Learn More About Our Proven Methods for Treating Gambling

At Victory Bay, we treat each case as an individual who deserves to have options of multiple therapeutic modalities giving them the chance to experience a Life Beyond The Bet!

Therapy & Counseling

Victory Bay provides a structured therapy and counseling service to individuals struggling with gambling disorder. We believe that regular sessions guide an individual to identify underlying thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that drive their addiction. Our licensed gambling therapists are trained in various treatment modalities such as CBT, DBT, Family Therapy, Holistic Therapies, EMDR, and many more.

Gambling Addiction Specialists

Our team of gambling addiction specialists offer a wide range of services from daily support to assistance with self-exclusion from gambling. Through our teams personalized treatment plans, individuals are provided individually tailored support to best assist in staying away from the bet and maintain a life free of gambling. Our specialists aim to equip individuals with the tools, support, and skills necessary to achieve and maintain long-term recovery from gambling addiction.

Online Therapy Options Available

Receive high quality gambling treatment from the comfort of your home. Our secure online program allows individuals to access support easily from any electronic device. Our HIPPA compliant platform ensures your privacy and provides a safe space to allow you take the first steps in your wellness journey and move toward a gamble-free lifestyle. We offer therapy, psychiatry and support groups virtually for those looking to make a change.

Safe & Private Gambling Program

We have spared no expense in building our facilities with a comfortable recovery at the forefront of our minds. Our gambling program boast all of the amenities you could possibly need!

We Accept Health Insurance As Payment

We are contracted with most national health insurance providers.
This means little to no cost for those who are insured!

Don't see your health insurance carrier? That's OK! We accept virtually every commercial insurance plan.

Unfortunately, we do NOT accept Medicare or Medicaid at this time.

We also offer extremely affordable cash pay rates.

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We take great pride in our ability to provide exceptional gambling disorder treatment to those seeking a new way of life free from the grips of gambling. Feel free to browse these authentic reviews left by REAL patients that are directly pulled from our online business listing!

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Personalized Addiction Treatment Programs

Victory Bay offers gambling addiction treatment that caters to the needs of each individual in our care.

Since there are many different types of addiction, it’s vital for individuals to receive treatment that is designed to meet their specific needs. Here at Victory Bay, one of our primary goals is to provide the best possible care for the unique needs of each patient.

We provide addiction treatment for those struggling with the following forms of gambling and more:

  • Casino Games
  • Card Games
  • Lotteries
  • Card Games
  • Online Gambling
  • Social Gambling
  • Horse & Greyhound Racing
  • All Other Forms of Gambling

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