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10 Ideas for Making Sober Holiday Traditions

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Getting sober is an accomplishment, and the holiday season should be used as a time to celebrate that accomplishment. We know that many holiday traditions involve alcohol in some way, shape, or form. But things can change. By being sober, you have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season and create new traditions for yourself and with family and friends.

Victory Bay Recovery Center knows how hard you have worked for your sobriety. So, to keep your recovery journey on track, here are 10 ideas for sober holiday traditions.

Movie Marathon

How many movies did you watch in your childhood that you haven’t seen since? What are some of your favorite holiday movies that you HAVE to watch every year? Put together a list, get into your sweatpants, grab and snack, and enjoy a night of nostalgia and relaxation. Want to watch with friends? Hop on FaceTime or download the watch party feature on your favorite streaming service.

Game Night

Get together with family or friends and host a game night. Whether you choose board games like Monopoly or virtual games like Jackbox.TV, it’s a great way to get a group together and have fun. Host it at your house and make some mocktails or, if there are others drinking, just think of the advantage you’ll have on them while being sober. Remember that you can still enjoy a fun game night, even if it’s all virtual this year.

Outdoor Adventures

If you live in a warmer area, it’s the perfect time to get outside and go for a walk. Explore your city or town, take a hike, do something to get your body moving and enjoy the fresh air. If you live in colder climates, this is your chance to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the snow. Go for a snowy walk in the woods, build a snowman, or go sledding.

Holiday Light Tour

Wherever you live, there are bound to be holiday lights. Walk or drive past the houses in your neighborhood and take note of the different decorations you encounter. Lights, wreaths, inflatable reindeer and cartoon characters, you’re bound to see something you enjoy. Feel like you’ve seen it all in your neighborhood? Travel to a nearby town or venue that has special light shows. Take notes and vote on your favorites.


‘Tis the season to give back to others. Volunteering your time and services to charity allows you to get out of the house, give back to society, and at the end of the day, know you did something to help improve someone else’s life. Reframe what the holidays mean and step away from the presents and closer towards giving back.

Craft Your Own Gifts

Rather than store-bought presents and gift cards, add a thoughtful touch to your gift-giving this year. Crafts are a great stress reliever and allow you to get creative. By spending more time focusing on the gifts you’re going to make and give out, you’ll have less time to think about anything that might thwart your recovery. Throw on some festive music or a movie in the background and craft some gifts that your loved ones will cherish.


Cookies, pies, and cakes galore. For many people, baking is a therapeutic activity and a way to wind down. Luckily, the holidays are the perfect time to bake some tasty treats for you to enjoy and share with family and friends. Who doesn’t enjoy homemade cookies? You can start with the holiday classics like chocolate chip cookies and gingersnaps and progress into beloved family recipes and even gingerbread houses.

Make it a Competition

Want a way to liven up any of these ideas? Assemble a group of people and make these new traditions a little competitive. Who can bake the most cookies? Who can build the best gingerbread house? Who can make it through the holiday movie list first? A little low-stakes competition never hurt anyone. Plus, it’ll help to have your very own accountability group.

Spend a Weekend Away

Sober or not, the holidays can be stressful. Why not take the opportunity to get away for a weekend or a couple of days and relax before your holiday obligations? Whether you travel one hour away or ten, a change of scenery can help you step away from stressors that might challenge your sobriety. Explore new cities, escape to the wilderness, but whatever you do – make sure it’s relaxing!

Reflect and Enjoy

Take a night where you sit and reflect on all that you have accomplished. You’ve come so far in your recovery journey, and it sure hasn’t come without its fair share of obstacles. Your sobriety is something to celebrate and you deserve it. Make a list of things you are grateful for and what went well this year. Keep it positive and if you’re having trouble thinking of anything, enlist the help of a friend or family member. Oftentimes, they’ll remember accomplishments that you might have forgotten about.

Enjoying Sober Holidays with the Help of Victory Bay Recovery Center

Now that you have some ideas for new sober traditions, it’s time to try them out. Get ready to enjoy your holidays and remember how important your life in recovery is. If you need a little help this holiday, contact Victory Bay Recovery Center at 855.239.5099 and we’ll help guide you on your recovery journey.

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