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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of clinical services through electronic communications. Victory Bay utilizes a HIPAA-compliant video platform to provide recovery services and programming to clients.


Therapy is well-suited for telehealth. At its core, talk therapy is a conversation between therapist and patient. It doesn't require much more than time and a place to see a therapist. While some may prefer to undergo therapy in person, it's by no means required. And sometimes, it's impractical.


We offer telehealth services for both individual therapy and group therapy for our programs. Illness, transportation issues, and busy work schedules should not get in the way of prioritizing your recovery. We developed telehealth as a solution for busy adults who need to balance their recovery and personal life.

Telehealth, Offers Clients Significant Benefits Over Regular In-office Meetings.

For quick access, be seen by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist on your computer or mobile device.

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Who is Telehealth For?


Clients who live a distance from our center.

This option is especially appealing if the client is back in the workforce and has little flexibility in missing work.


Clients who live throughout the state.

Clients who live throughout the state and want to benefit from Victory Bay's services.


While clients are on vacation.

Clients may go on vacation or travel for business while receiving services and can continue their therapy.


Clients who are ill.

Clients who are ill and want to continue participating in the recovery process.


Families that live at a distance.

Families that live at a distance that prohibits travel to the center can attend family sessions.

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Intake & Treatment Process

  1. Our Intake Coordinator will contact the client to confirm email, cell phone, and date of birth to create a Telehealth account.

  3. The client will be sent an intake packet containing Consent of Treatment, Telehealth Services, and other documents needed to complete intake via Telehealth platform.

  5. The client will complete their biopsychosocial with the Intake Coordinator via the Telehealth Platform, wherein he/she will be assigned an assessment of the presenting platform.

  7. The Intake Coordinator will forward Welcome Packet to Victory Bay through the Telehealth platform. The client will also be assigned a therapist specializing in treating their needs. This therapist will serve as the client's primary therapist and help schedule Telehealth therapy groups.

  9. The Intake Coordinator will provide the client with scheduling for Telehealth therapy groups.

  11. The client will meet with our Medical team to complete a Health Assessment visa Telehealth platform.

  13. The client will then meet with our Medical Director/Psychiatrist for Psychiatric assessment via Telehealth.

  15. The client will be emailed oral drug swabs for next-day delivery to administer an initial drug screen.

  17. Once the client's assessment is completed, they will begin the group on the next scheduled group session.
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