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White House Opioid Addiction Roundtable

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is vowing to step up efforts to combat the nation’s opioid addiction crisis, and he’s tapped New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to lead the fight.

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Victory Bay has made headlines on a national and local level. Read our recent press release articles and learn how our center offers high-quality treatment. We provide care to the broadest spectrum of clients. You’ll also see how our team advocates at the highest level for the care and recovery of those who need it most.


Having Victory Bay in the news helps us spread awareness of our high-quality care. More importantly, however, each article represents an opportunity to change the conversation surrounding treatment. With press release articles and other features, we can seek addicts who need our help. In this manner, we continue our commitment to erase the stigmas around substance abuse, mental health, and eating disorders. Creating local, state, and national movements on this issue can save lives across the country. All of us dedicate our all to the Victory Bay mission.


If you or someone you know is in need of substance abuse, mental health, or eating disorder treatment, call 855.259.1624 today for more information!

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Victory Bay Ribbon Cutting

When Gov. Chris Christie asked what he could say about Haddonfield native A.J. Solomon’s addiction and journey toward recovery in his State of the State address in January, Solomon gave his former boss carte blanche…

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Not An Uncommon Story – Governor Christie State of the State

A.J. Solomon, while proud of his journey to sobriety and his plans for opening an addiction treatment facility, still feels “almost guilty” about being mentioned in Gov. Chris Christie’s final State of the State address last week…

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