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20 Affirmations to Incorporate If You Struggle With an Eating Disorder

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If you or someone you love is going through an eating disorder, it is essential to focus on the positive. You want to focus on things that will uplift you and help you rebuild your confidence. 

A very common tool used for those in recovery is the use of affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that resonate with you and what you are currently going through. They often have a strong focus on self-love, confidence, and personal growth. 

In this article, we will be sharing 20 affirmations to help anyone going through an eating disorder that will help build them up and encourage them to keep pushing forward! 

  1. I Am Becoming the Best Version of Myself 

You are changing and growing into the person you want to be; what you have done or who you were in the past doesn’t matter. Every day is a new day, so take advantage of it! 

  1. The Scale Doesn’t Define My Worth 

Numbers on a scale are just numbers and do not dictate who you are or your progress. 

  1. I Am Confident 

It may sound cheesy, but you need to be confident in yourself! Feel confident in who you are and your ability to keep moving forward. 

  1. I Define My Body Image 

There is no such thing as the perfect body since everyone is entirely unique and has different preferences. It is up to you to define how you view your body and what you consider to be beautiful. 

  1. I Am Not Perfect, and That Is Okay 

You are a completely unique individual who is not perfect, just like every other human being. Allow yourself to not be perfect, but try to be the best you can be! 

  1. All Progress Matters 

Don’t get caught up in measuring your progress with your goals or other people. Even the smallest step forward is still a huge accomplishment, and it is getting you closer to the life you want. 

  1. I Am Proud of Who I Am 

There will never be another you in this world, so embrace who you are and every aspect of your unique journey. 

  1. I Can’t Please Everyone 

During your journey, you will come across people who do not agree with you or understand what you are doing. The steps you are taking are for your own well-being and no one else’s. 

  1. It’s Okay to Feel Down 

Feeling positive all the time is unrealistic, so you have to give yourself permission to feel down sometimes. Let yourself experience those negative emotions so that they can pass and you can keep moving forward. 

  1. I Have Freedom and Power 

It’s easy to believe that those negative impulses are controlling you, but you have complete freedom and power over your body and mind. Take control and go after your goals! 

  1. I Am Proud of the Progress I Have Made 

You have made so much progress on your road to recovery! Everyone’s journey is so different, and the steps you have taken are getting you closer to who you want to be. 

  1. I Am Not a Burden 

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of believing that when you ask for help, you are a burden to others. Those who love you are happy to help in any way that they can; all you have to do is ask. 

  1. Food Is Not the Enemy 

Food is an amazing source of nourishment that benefits your mind and body. It is not the enemy, and there’s no such thing as bad food. 

  1. I Trust Myself 

It’s time to trust yourself and your body because you know what is best for you. Listen closely to what your gut is telling you on every step of your journey. 

  1. My Body Is My Home 

You will only ever have one body, so you might as well learn to embrace it. Find comfort in your body and all of the amazing things it can do, not just how it looks. 

  1. I Will Be Kind to Myself 

Despite any mistakes you may make, you need to decide to be kind to yourself every day. Do something enjoyable, treat yourself to something, or spend the day with a friend. 

  1. Eating Is Self-Care 

Food plays many roles, including being a vital part of self-care. It nourishes your body and helps it move and feel the way it should so you can do what you want. 

  1. I Am Enough 

No matter how much progress you have made or what others think, you must believe you are enough. Your journey is entirely unique, and as long as you are trying, you are doing an amazing job! 

  1. My Health Is an Investment 

Eating and taking care of your body is not just a habit that benefits you in the present moment. Focusing on your health is an investment in your life and the quality of your day-to-day existence. 

  1. Today Is Going to be a Great Day 

Tackling negative habits can feel very overwhelming, which is why you want to start each day positively. Start every day with the belief that it will be a good day and that you all accomplish everything you set out to do. 

How to Use Affirmations 

Although most people have heard of affirmations, they may not understand exactly what this entails. Affirmations can be used in a variety of ways depending on your goals and how they best fit into your life. Here are some examples of how you can use positive affirmations to help if you or a loved one struggles with an eating disorder: 

  • Repeating: Many people find affirmations helpful by repeating them in the morning and night. You can also repeat affirmations to yourself whenever you are feeling down or negative in any way. 
  • Writing them down: If speaking affirmations out loud isn’t enough, you may also find it useful to write your affirmations down. Writing them down can make them feel more tangible, and you can then place affirmation notes in areas of your home where you will see them throughout the day. 
  • Social media: Social media isn’t all bad, as it provides many resources when it comes to eating disorder recovery affirmations. You can follow social media accounts that post daily affirmations or create an inspiring Pinterest board where you can read affirmations whenever you need a pick me up. 
  • Affirmation cards: A similar option to writing affirmations down is to purchase or create affirmation cards. These are cards that have affirmations written on them, and you can pick a card out each day and focus on that one affirmation. Affirmation cards can also be very useful as they remind you throughout the day to focus on your daily affirmation. 

How you choose to use affirmations is completely up to you, as it depends on what will help you feel better. The goal of affirmations is to combat negative self-perceptions and any negative internal voices. 

Affirmations can help you focus on the goals you want to achieve and the mindset you are working toward. 

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