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Addiction Help: Do You Need It?

Victory Bay Recovery Center

You may be wondering if your addiction is bad enough that you need professional addiction help. When it comes to addiction, it’s difficult to be objective. It’s even more difficult to admit that you may have a problem. However, once you address the problem head-on, you are ready to get on the road to recovery.

An addiction treatment center in New Jersey offers comprehensive treatment for all types of addictions, including drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication. You can get the help you need to overcome substance abuse and live a life free of addiction. Below, we look at the signs of addiction and why you may need professional addiction help.

The Signs of Addiction

The signs of addiction are not always evident to the person who is drinking. Even if friends or family share their concern for the drinking or drug use, the person may not acknowledge there is a problem until they finally hit bottom. Some of the most common signs of addiction include those listed below.

An Obsession with the Substance

A person who has an addiction is often obsessed with the substance they are using. They may use the substance daily, develop a lifestyle around it, and talk about it. When they are not using the substance, they are thinking about it. Drinking or taking drugs becomes their world.

Multiple Failed Attempts to Quit

Addiction is characterized by the inability to stop using the substance. A person may have made promises, set quit dates, or tried to gradually taper off the substance. However, every attempt to quit has failed. This indicates that they have no control over the substance.

Changes in Behavior and Appearance

A person’s behavior and appearance is the biggest indicator that they have a drinking problem. They may exhibit behavior that is risky and irresponsible. They may start spending time with friends that also use the substance. Or, they may neglect responsibilities at home or work. They may appear irritable, tired, depressed, or apathetic. You may also notice changes in their dress or lack of hygiene.

Problems in Relationships

Addiction rarely only affects the person who is abusing the substance. It can affect an entire household, close friends, and even the workplace. The person who has the addiction alienates people around them due to their destructive behavior and negative thoughts. Substance abuse can also lead to physical, verbal, or sexual abuse.

Disregard for the Consequences

Addiction can become so severe that a person will continue to drink or use drugs regardless of what it costs them. They can lose their home, family, job, finances, or even their health before they finally seek help from an addiction treatment program in New Jersey.

Professional Addiction Help and Treatment

An outpatient addiction rehab center can provide a wide range of treatments for someone who is struggling with addiction. A treatment program can guide a person through all stages of recovery so that they can live a life free of addiction. Treatment may include:

  • Detox
  • Evidence-based treatment (EBT)
  • Holistic care
  • Inpatient and outpatient services
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Aftercare programs

Treatment is designed to help an individual at each stage of recovery, beginning with detox and continuing through to rehab and aftercare. Regardless of the severity of the addiction, professional help can promote long-term recovery.

Get Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Today

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