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Dangers of Binge Drinking

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Binge drinking is common, especially among college students. Binge drinking means drinking as much alcohol as needed for one to get drunk. Drinking to oblivion leads to the production of high blood alcohol levels that pass the 0.08% driving limit. Misguided college students often use the free time to practice binge drinking with their friends. Worse off, some colleges have cultures that support and encourage drinking. Among the dangers of binge drinking is developing an alcohol use disorder. However, an outpatient alcohol rehab program in NJ can help individuals avoid the dangers of binge drinking. 

Dangers of Binge Drinking 

Heavy drinking not only affects one individual but also their close friends and family members. Problems related to drinking alcohol intensify when one puts their health and that of others at risk. 

Some of the dangers of binge drinking include:

  • Risking injury: Binge drinking puts you at risk of getting minor cuts, concussions, or broken bones. Individuals with high blood alcohol content are at high risk of getting injured. These Injuries involve muscle sprains, fractures, and bruises. People with anxiety or depression may experience life-threatening effects.
  • Performing poorly in school: Excessive drinking of alcohol affects the performance of the student. Some may prioritize drinking over studying for an exam, completing homework, and attending classes. These students may end up paying extra costs to retake their courses.
  • Being a victim of assault: Alcohol puts you at a high risk of sexual and physical assault. This is because it lowers your inhibitions. Perpetrators of sexual assault often attack victims who are drunk or who drink more frequently. Sexual assault may cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), psychological damage, or unwanted pregnancies.
  • Developing health issues: Sometimes the effects of binge drinking occur after years or months of using the drugs. Heavy drinking may cause inflammation of the pancreas, high blood pressure, liver damage, among other health complications. College students who drink alcohol frequently are likely to develop a dependency later in life.
  • Committing criminal activities: Someone under the influence of alcohol tends to behave differently than when sober. They may end up committing minor or major crimes. Some of these harmful criminal activities include homicide, kidnapping, and battery. Those who commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol face legal punishments like jail time, suspended license, probation, and fines.

Treatment for Binge Drinking at Victory Bay Recovery Center

Most of the staff members and medical providers at Victory Bay Recovery Center understand the recovery journey. This makes the environment even more comfortable and safe for clients. The recovery center ensures clients get the quality care they deserve. It does this by matching the clients to specific clinicians to challenge and support them when necessary. 

Addiction treatment programs available at Victory Bay include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment program: This helps to tackle other behavioral, mental health, and emotional issues that come with substance abuse. Some of the co-occurring disorders include anxiety and depression
  • Outpatient drug rehab center: This program is ideal for individuals who have work or personal issues to take care of. They can receive treatment for their addiction problem while still staying at home
  • Intensive outpatient program: This program emphasizes relapse prevention and community integration.
  • Family therapy program: The facility takes the family through counseling to enable them to understand addiction. They also learn how to best provide for their loved ones struggling with alcohol and drug addiction

Avoid the Consequences of Binge Drinking

If you’re afraid yourself or your loved one is at risk for experiencing the dangers of binge drinking, it’s time to seek out help through Victory Bay Recovery Center. The team is ready to help you on your road to recovery from alcoholism. Contact Victory Bay Recovery Center today by calling [Direct].

Recovery with Victory Bay

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