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Get Involved During Addiction Recovery

Victory Bay

Within the rooms of 12-step programs, newcomers need to get involved during recovery. Volunteer to make coffee. Setup and handout literature. Become the greeter. All of these commitments play an important role within the meeting and an important role within the person doing them. These commitments provide a much-needed purpose, which addicts have lacked throughout their addiction.

Get Involved During Recovery

I’m a big advocate for addicts in early recovery working and attending school. Becoming involved in their process stimulates change and growth towards their happiness. Becoming a member of a 12-Step program, finding work, and enrolling in school are a few ways to create a new meaning to life. Whether it is a job that just earns a little money or one class that has always been of interest, it is serving a purpose far greater than one may think. Often, addicts come to treatment lacking direction or an idea of where to begin and what to do. But actions give meaning to our lives. Having meaning gives us the motivation that drives us towards happiness and a rewarding and satisfying life.

Often, boredom triggers relapse. Work, School, and Meetings help the recovering addict become involved. These activities occupy idle time; provide interaction with other people; and give direction for an individual who was once adrift. An addict’s own worst enemy can be his or her brain. Participating in such positive activities removes the addict from themselves. Distracts them from their negative thoughts – thoughts that build momentum during idle time, when feeling bored, and when alone. Occupying time decreases boredom, places the person in social environments, and focuses their attention on something other than their thoughts.

Building Meaning

Your sense of purpose will continue to change as you grow. Because as you learn new things and meet new people, your life experience will grow. So, attend that meeting. Take that job. Register for that class. Get involved! Life will feel less empty. Then gradually become more-and-more meaningful. The darkness will begin to fade, and the light shines a little brighter. As the addict beings to participate in their recovery process, they begin to build self-esteem, begin to feel better about themselves, and begin to develop a new meaning to their life. Your life can be anything you want it to be. Why sell yourself short?

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Michael Schaub is the Primary Counselor at Victory Bay. He believes in helping those looking to help themselves like all of our staff. Our variety of programs and treatments allow individuals looking to overcome their substance abuse options. Some of our programs include:

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Recovery with Victory Bay

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