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Helping End The Stigma at the Stop The Heroin Walk 2018

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Stop the Heroin was formed after founders Bill & Tammy Schmincke’s son, Steven James Schmincke, passed away after a heroin overdose the day before Easter 2016. They have come to believe that people who suffer from substance use disorder tend to “burn all their bridges”, ultimately alienating all of their sober friends and family. The person in recovery, after going through rehabilitation, usually with very little to no support at all, is often left to “pick themselves up by their bootstraps”.

This is where they come in.

As a means of therapy and healing for themselves, their continuing efforts focus on providing successful graduates of rehabilitation programs, the cost for the first month in a sober living home. Their ongoing goal is to provide the means for survival and recovery for individuals who desperately want to escape the misery of addiction. They invite you to support their mission, to help other families avoid the tragedy that fell upon their family.

The Stop the Heroin Walk was held on Saturday, June 23, 2018 beginning at the Kennedy Plaza, located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, in Atlantic City, NJ. People throughout the community came together to help reduce the stigma as well as raise funds for Stop the Heroin organization. We were honored to be there!

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