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How A 12 Step Program Helps Recovery

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If you are considering a 12-step program for drug addiction, then you probably have a lot of questions. One of the top things you may wonder is how a 12 step program helps recovery. This is important to understand so you can determine if this program is best for you. Let’s take a look at how a 12 step program helps recovery.

What Is The 12-Step Program?

Understanding the 12 step program is the first thing you need to do before deciding if it’s right for you. Although the program has been modified and adapted over the years, its main principles are the same.

Here are the program’s basic 12 steps:

  • Be aware of your helplessness over the addiction
  • Put faith in a Higher Power to help you overcome the addiction
  • Rely on the Higher Power to help with the addiction
  • Be honest about your current situation and needs
  • Admit the seriousness of your problem to a Higher Power, yourself, and one other person
  • Take steps to change defects you see in your human nature

How A 12 Step Program Helps Recovery

Understanding how a 12 step program works is just the beginning; now, you need to know how a 12 step program helps recovery. This problem promotes admitting your need. Sometimes this is a difficult thing to do, and it is a crucial step in recovery.

Also, the 12-step program encourages reliance on a power greater than you. It encourages people to look outside themselves for hope. This can be a powerful help for those who feel hopeless and helpless. When they realize they have a strength to rely upon, it gives them hope for recovery. This, in turn, makes them stronger and more powerful than they thought they could be.

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