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How Outpatient & Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Work Together

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If you or a loved one are looking to receive substance abuse treatment, you will typically have two options to choose from: either an inpatient drug rehab or an outpatient treatment program.
These two programs have a common goal – rehabilitation. However, they each have their own unique benefits and level of care.

While many people might view addiction treatment as having to choose one program over the other, the truth is that you can choose both.

In fact, starting treatment in an inpatient treatment facility followed by an outpatient treatment program can be extremely beneficial and help you secure your sobriety.

This is because when you are in an inpatient treatment program, you are completely immersed in the program without influences from the outside world. So, when you do go back into the real world, it can be an understandably difficult adjustment.

Inpatient and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services are available for all substances including Marijuana, Opiates, Xanax, Alcohol, and Cocaine. Some substance treatments may require a period of Detox, which will help ease your body off the dependency.

From there, a mix of substance abuse and behavioral health-focused treatment plans will be the next step. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Discover more information on both rehabilitation treatment programs and learn how combining the two can be beneficial.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Inpatient treatment is when you live in a rehabilitation treatment center for a certain length of time. Depending on what type of inpatient program you choose, your stay can be anywhere from as little as 3 weeks to long-term as long as 12 months.

Regardless of the length of time, you decide on, here, you will have 24-hour medical support and will be surrounded by others that are also going through substance abuse treatment.

Here are some benefits of inpatient treatment to consider:

  • Access to medically managed detox
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 24 hours medical support
  • Built-in social support
  • Highly structured, stable living situation
  • Safe, drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Access to mental health treatment for co-occurring disorders

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Outpatient treatment is good for those with less severe addiction issues – those that may not necessarily need medically assisted detox. It gives you flexibility by providing structured care while also letting you live your life without interruption. You could attend an Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient treatment program (IOP).

With this type of rehabilitation, you will usually meet 2-3 hours per day, 3-5 days a week. However, this may vary depending on what program you choose – either outpatient or intensive outpatient – and what your specific needs are.

Outpatient treatment shares many of the same benefits of inpatient treatment, such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Social support
  • Medical support
  • Structured days
  • Access to mental health treatment for co-occurring disorders

The biggest benefit to outpatient programs that you won’t find with inpatient programs, is the ability to continue to live at home, outside of the treatment center.

This means you will be able to continue going to work, school, and taking care of your everyday responsibilities. Additionally, outpatient treatment is usually less expensive than inpatient programs.

How Outpatient & Inpatient Work Together

In some of the best cases of sobriety, you will notice that people transition into outpatient care after completing an inpatient program. This approach to treatment provides you with a balance of independence, accountability, and support.

During inpatient treatment, you will be able to safely detox in a facility with medical staff on call, 24 hours a day. Then, you will be provided the support and treatment you need to establish new outlooks on life, and learn new coping mechanisms, and routines to help you stay sober.

One way to look at it is that when you combine the two, inpatient treatment will help you get healthy – physically and mentally – and outpatient treatment will help you stay healthy. On the new sober path of yours, you will need all the support you can get and with two programs, you will have an abundance of support.

Things to Consider for Inpatient & Outpatient Drug Treatment

Home Environment during Recovery

If you have a supportive home environment that is safe and will support you on your new sober life path, the next step will be enrolling in an outpatient program. This will allow you to ease yourself back into the real world, but with the structured support that you will need as you adjust.

You will have the benefit of supportive home life and a supportive group of like-minded individuals who will also be attending the outpatient program.

If you do not have a safe home environment to go back to after your inpatient program, sober living homes are a great option. With sober living homes, you will still be able to enroll in an outpatient program and experience all of the benefits that it brings.

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance as well, you may be in luck. Inpatient Rehab, Detox programs, and Outpatient services are substance use disorder services that many insurance providers cover – including, public, private, and employer plans.

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