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Adam Shaw, LSW – Primary Therapist

Primary Therapist

🧑 In Person, 📹 Telehealth


On paper, what brings people to treatment is often the same: substance abuse, mental health issues, and trauma. However, Adam recognizes that every person he works with is a unique individual with their own story, history, hopes, personality, and interests. Through individual, group and family therapy, Adam provides a holistic and psychodynamic approach to meet the particular needs of each person. The challenges bringing people to treatment do not affect only one part of their lives, which is why considering the whole self is crucial for effective and sustainable change. Adam will often bring his passion for music and philosophy into treatment, and enjoys discussing with each client their own unique hobbies and interests, and exploring how these parts of themselves can be incorporated into their treatment. Focusing on cultivating a life that brings them joy–rooted in healthy boundaries, coping skills and relationships– Adam works collaboratively with his clients on developing their goals and respectfully challenging them in their treatment.


Rutgers University, Master of Social Work, 2022 Roehampton University, London, Bachelor of Arts, 2009

Why you are passionate about your job?

Through his work as an EMT, Adam routinely witnessed people in points of crisis and trauma. Having the ability to provide care and support in these critical moments was rewarding, but Adam’s passion for mental healthcare grew from the desire to help people before they reach the point of crisis. Adam has a firm core belief that every person is able to recover from the trauma they have experienced, and deserves a life of balance and peace.


🏥 Clinical, 💉 Substance Use Program
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