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Jennifer Stradling, MSW, LSW

Jennifer Stradling, MSW, LSW – Adolescent Primary Therapist

Adolescent Primary Therapist

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Jennifer is a passionate, skilled mental and behavioral health therapist. Jennifer began her career working with adolescents in 2015, and has worked with several populations throughout her career. Jennifer focuses on using trauma informed care through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. Jennifer utilizes a combination of therapeutic approaches and strategies specific to the needs of the individual. Jennifer finds joy in supporting and empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Jennifer has experience in providing both individual and group therapy to individuals who have experienced trauma, who are struggling with mental and/or behavioral health issues, and those who are experiencing life stressors/transitions. Jennifer has an educational background in psychology and social work. Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, with a focus in child and adolescent psychology as well as developmental psychology, in 2014 from Rutgers University. Jennifer received her master of social work degree from Temple University in 2023. Jennifer obtained a social work license in the state of New Jersey in 2023.

Jennifer has experience in several areas of mental and behavioral health, and she brings a level of enthusiasm and dedication that is unmatched. Jennifer has a unique approach to therapy and integrates her unique skill set and knowledge base when working with individuals. Jennifer enjoys working with all populations, but is most passionate about working with adolescents.


-Bachelor's degree in clinical psychology with focus in child and adolescent psychology and developmental psychology -Master's degree in social work -Licensed social worker in state of New Jersey

Why you are passionate about your job?

Jennifer has always found value and purpose in helping others. The combination of personal and professional experience, has only continued to enhance Jennifer's passion and dedication to being a therapist. Jennifer believes that it is a privilege to be the one who gets to provide individuals with supportive mental health services.


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