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Rebecca Bongiovanni, LSW, Primary Therapist

Rebecca Bongiovanni, LSW – Primary Therapist

Primary Therapist

🧑 In Person, 📹 Telehealth


As a social worker on the frontline of the overdose epidemic, Beck has gained experience asking the questions, “What have you experienced, and how is that affecting you?” As a primary therapist for adults with mental health disorders, Beck brings their background of harm reduction and trauma-informed care as well as their own lived experience to this setting to continue to ask those questions. Beck strives to provide trauma-aware, gender-affirming, and specialized care to each person they work with with the goal of assisting them in discovering what they need to not only survive but to thrive.

Through exploring the disciplines of psychology at Rutgers and Social Work at Widener University, Beck has gained a knowledge of people and the systems that affect them.


Widener University School of Social Work, Masters of Social Work, 2020 Rutgers University- Camden, Bachelors of Psychology, 2013

Why you are passionate about your job?

Beck is dedicated to providing a safe environment and the support needed for the people they work with the take a deep breath and begin the lifelong process of healing and growth. Wether it is an individual's first time in therapy or they are just new to Victory Bay, Beck sees it as an honor to be part of that process.


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