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Sarah Roche, LSW – Primary Therapist

Primary Therapist

🧑 In Person, 📹 Telehealth


Sarah has been working as a therapist for over five years in various settings with people ranging from children to older adults. Sarah began working at Victory Bay in January 2023 because she has advanced training in trauma-focused care and has a passion for helping people of all ages achieve their goals. As a primary therapist, Sarah aims to provide clients with a comfortable atmosphere where they can feel safe as they process their traumatic experiences and navigate their healing journey.


Monmouth University - Bachelor's Degree - 2020 Monmouth University - Master's Degree - 2021

Why you are passionate about your job?

Ever since she was younger, Sarah has wanted to help others as they become the person they want to be. The greatest moment in therapy is witnessing the transformation of a person as they evolve from someone burdened with struggle to a person with newfound hope for life. As a therapist, Sarah has the unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, learn from them, and assist them on their journey. Sarah utilizes a multidimensional approach with clients to help them heal from their trauma, build their self-worth, and improve their interpersonal relationships. Her mission is to provide a warm, empathetic atmosphere and work collaboratively with clients in reaching their goals.


🏥 Clinical, 🧠 Adolescent Mental Health, 💆‍♀️ Mental Health Program
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