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Shea Andrews, MS, LAC - Primary Therapist

Shea Andrews, MS, LAC – Primary Therapist

Primary Therapist

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Shea Andrews is a compassionate and client-focused therapist. She incorporates art therapy, DBT, ACT, CBT, and a trauma-informed lens into her approach with her clients. Shea finds art therapy to be an emotional outlet for clients. Whether they are utilizing the art as a coping skill technique, emotion regulation tool, or form of self-expression. Shea is a supportive, engaging advocate for her clients. She has three and half years of experience working in eating disorder treatment as a group therapist and primary therapist. Shea also has previously worked as a crisis clinician. Shea has experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Shea enjoys providing her clients with a sense of belonging and help shed light on her client’s journey towards recovery. While obtaining her master’s degree in community trauma counseling at Thomas Jefferson University, Shea obtained a specialization in addictions and art therapy. Shea is currently working towards her LPC licensure and ATR. In her free time, Shea enjoys yoga, fishing, and antique thrifting. Shea loves to create her own ceramic art.


-Bachelor of Fine Arts, Craft and Material Studies (Ceramics) -Minor: Art Therapy -Master of Science, Community and Trauma Counseling -Specialization: Art Therapy -Specialization: Addictions and Trauma Recovery

Why you are passionate about your job?

I am passionate about providing mental healthcare because it is important for a person to have a space where they can be heard, understood, and feel supported. Therapy can provide a person a space of healing their emotional well-being, which is the key to living a more present life.


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