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Tysir Nixon, LSW

Tysir Nixon, LSW – Adolescent Outpatient Therapist

Adolescent Outpatient Therapist

🧑 In Person, 📹 Telehealth


Tysir Nixon is a licensed Social Worker in NJ with a focus on children and families. His goal is to provide a comfortable space for my clients to express themselves openly and freely with no judgments. His style of therapy is to be genuine and compassionate to use one’s strengths to make changes.


Tysir attended Rutgers University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. From there, Tysir completed his Master’s degree in Social Work from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Through his Master’s program, Tysir completed 700 hours of practicum and internship experience working with children, adolescence, and young adults in school and college settings. Tysir received his license to provide mental health counseling in the state of New Jersey shortly after graduating.

Why you are passionate about your job?

Tysir Nixon, a licensed Social Worker in New Jersey, is passionate about providing mental healthcare, particularly for children and families. His dedication stems from a desire to create a comfortable space where clients can express themselves openly and without judgment. Tysir's love for the beach, video games, and hip-hop and R&B music reflect his understanding of the importance of personal interests and relaxation in maintaining mental well-being. His therapeutic approach is rooted in genuine compassion and the belief in leveraging individual strengths to facilitate positive change. This commitment to fostering an empathetic and supportive environment is what drives his passion for mental healthcare.


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