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Should I Continue Addiction Recovery During COVID-19?

Victory Bay Recovery Center

As concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue and social distancing restrictions are still in place, you may wonder if you should seek help for alcohol and drug addiction. Addiction recovery during COVID-19 is just as important as it was before the epidemic.

During this time, those who are recovering from addiction could be at an increased risk of relapse due to isolation. Isolation can bring on more questions about your recovery, coupled with anxiety and depression. If you are in addiction recovery during this time, do not panic. There are still options in place for those who are in recovery. Many addiction recovery centers have taken additional steps to ensure the safety of their clients. Your recovery and safety should remain a top priority during this time.

Why Should You Practice Social Distancing?

According to the CDC, social distancing means keeping space between yourself and other people outside your home. To practice social distancing, it is best to stay 6 feet apart from people, do not gather in groups, and stay out of crowded places. Staying apart from others will help slow the spread of the virus. People can spread the virus without knowing that they are sick. Even if you have no symptoms, social distancing is key to stop the spread of the virus to those who are considered high risk. 

The spread of COVID-19 mainly happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and tiny droplets from their nose or mouth are admitted into the air and breathed in by others. It may be possible that a person can become infected by COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it. Depending on sunlight and humidity, the CDC has said that COVID-19 can live for hours on a surface. 

By practicing safe social distancing, you can play a role in stopping the spread of the virus to yourself, family, and community.

Tips For Addiction Recovery During COVID-19

Isolation can be challenging for those in recovery. Support and keeping busy are necessary to stay on track. Here are several steps you can take to make your time at home less stressful:

  • Participate in online therapy services-Victory Bay Recovery center offers comprehensive online telehealth therapy services for both outpatient and intensive outpatient clients. Through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, Victory Bay offers a HIPPA-compliant video platform that provides recovery services to clients. This service is offered for both group therapy and individual therapy without ever leaving your home. 
  • Connect with loved ones- Connecting with others during your recovery is not only important during a time of isolation but also important for your recovery. Make it a priority to call or video chat with your support system or loved ones daily. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed about current events, a video call will provide a connection without placing yourself or others at risk. 
  • Stay busy- Being stuck at home is a great time to take up a new hobby such as cooking, reading a new book, or learning a new instrument. Make a list of activities that you enjoy. This will help prevent isolation from sabotaging your recovery efforts. 
  • Get outside- Allowing yourself to spend some time outdoors for an hour or so a day can help decrease anxiety and prevent you from feeling trapped inside your home. Participate in some activities such as walking, jogging, or yoga while maintaining a 6-foot distance from others.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help- With all the uncertainty that lies ahead, be prepared to contact your treatment center or therapist if you need to. They are here to help you get through any challenges that you may face.

Victory Bay Recovery 

At Victory Bay Recovery Center, we currently take all the necessary precautionary steps to guide you safely through your road to recovery during these unprecedented times. Our facility is continuing to stay up to date with the rules and guidelines administered by the NJ Department of Health and the CDC. For more information about our telehealth services during COVID-19, visit our telehealth website page. We can help you continue your addiction recovery during COVID-19.

If you need treatment during this time, do not let the current situation discourage you. Reach out for help today by calling us at [Direct].

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