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Tri-State Canine Response Team Visits Victory Bay Recovery Center

Victory Bay

On January 24th Victory Bay Clients and Staff had the opportunity to spend time with members of the Tri-State Canine Response Team. CeCe and her handlers, Ed Dobleman and Janice Campbell provide therapeutic interventions and emotional support throughout the state of New Jersey. The Tri-State K-9 Response Teams have been to multiple communities affected by crisis and disaster across the United States including mass shootings in Florida, Las Vegas, and the recent California communities impacted by fires.

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These highly trained animals provided comfort, stress relief, and emotional support through activity and directed animal assisted therapy interventions. At Victory Bay, CeCe provided Animal Assisted Activity promoting physical and emotional interaction amongst clients allowing them opportunity to reduce stress levels and hypervigilance often observed amongst individuals with addiction and trauma experiences.

Victory Bay is hopeful to continual collaborate with Janice, Ed, and their canine teams, enabling clients an alternate intervention to heal from their past of addiction.

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