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What Does It Mean to Hit Rock Bottom?

Victory Bay

When it comes to addiction, you often hear the phrase “hitting rock bottom.” It refers to someone hitting the lowest point in their lives, typically involving drugs or alcohol. Basically, it is when things cannot get any worse. This is typically the point that someone realizes they have nothing left to lose and will admit they have a problem with addiction and reach out for help.
However, there’s a misconception that an addict must hit rock bottom before seeking treatment and going into recovery. That simply is not true. Someone can have just as much success in recovery if they enter into a treatment program before hitting rock bottom as they would after, depending on their personal misery and discomfort threshold. Rock bottom tends to make people so uncomfortable and miserable that it is the catalyst for change.

On top of it all, rock bottom looks different for everyone and is not always easy to define.

Rock Bottom is Different for Everyone

There is no one event that can be considered rock bottom for everyone. For some people, it can be the first DUI or arrest that gives them the motivation to turn their lives around. For others, they might see that as being just a drop in the bucket.
Rock bottom tends to be directly associated with what someone holds the highest in their value system. If part of a person’s identity is their career and they lose their job, that can be a signal that changes need to be made. If they view themselves as a devoted parent and their children are taken away, that might be the wake up call to set changes in motion.
There are people out there that have lost their licenses, jobs, and significant others and still cannot admit that they have a problem. For those people, rock bottom can be as extreme as an overdose or even worse.

What is the Problem with Hitting Rock Bottom?

While rock bottom doesn’t look the same for everyone, neither does its timeline. There are some people that may hit rock bottom very quickly, while it might take years for others.

Addicts, friends, and family members alike can all be under the misconception that everything is “okay” until someone hits rock bottom. If people in an addict’s life are still waiting for them to hit rock bottom before they believe they’ll be open to getting help, that can be considered enabling since they are using this phrase as a way to excuse continued behavior.

Seek Professional Help Today

It’s possible to discontinue drug and alcohol use before things get out of control and you hit rock bottom. Why wait until you lose everything you care about to seek treatment?

Victory Bay Recovery Center offers inpatient and outpatient treatment options, including evidence based treatment and medication assisted treatment. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, whether you have hit rock bottom or not, we are here to help. Contact us online or call today at 855.239.5099.

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