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What Is A Gateway Drug?

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Dealing with a substance abuse problem is a difficult situation with which to cope. Some people may wonder how they got to the point they’re at right now. They may not realize that often, gateway drugs lead the way to deeper addictions. You may be wondering — what is a gateway drug? It’s important to know what these drugs are and to understand how they work, so you don’t get caught off guard with an addiction. One of the goals of Victory Bay Recovery is to provide individuals with the information and resources they need to not just make health decisions but improve their lives. Being able to identify gateway drug and use in yourself and others is an excellent preventative measure individuals can develop to stay sober.

What Is A Gateway Drug?

Much like what its name implies, a gateway drug is one that may lead to the use of other more harmful and illegal drugs. In other words, it is the door (or gateway) to the use of worse drugs. Therefore, the gateway drugs may not be considered that bad on their own. In fact, gateway drugs are often relatively benign. It is for this reason that individuals rationalize to themselves or justify using them. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is risky and increases the chances of encountering, using, and abusing other substances. However, understanding their potential to lead to other drugs can make them just as problematic.

What Are The Names Of Some Gateway Drugs?

You may be not only wondering — what is a gateway drug but what are the names of some of them? Alcohol, marijuana, and even cigarettes are a few gateway drugs. Also, certain prescription drugs are gateway drugs too. For example, opioid pain medication and benzos are both gateway drugs. These medicines can lead to other addiction if misused. The keyword to remember here is ‘misuse’ and by this we mean abuse. When individuals over-indulge or use a substance too often, then they set themselves up to develop a dependency or addiction. 

How Do Gateway Drugs Work?

People build up a tolerance to gateway drugs, just like they do with any other drug. Tolerance to a drug means you don’t feel the effects of it anymore at the level you’re taking. As a result, people will take more of the drug. This can be dangerous, but sometimes people will just switch to another, stronger drug. Consequently, this leads them to get addicted to a more potent drug.

Gateway drugs, even if they’re legal, are especially harmful to people with addictive personalities. These people are more prone to addiction, so they need to take more precautions when doing any type of substance.

Help For People Addicted to Drugs

If you find that a gateway drug has led you to use stronger drugs, then seeking treatment right away is critical. During your stay at a rehab center, you will gain the skills you need to overcome substance abuse.

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