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3 Reasons to Consider Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Victory Bay

Dual diagnosis is when you have two or more co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and drug or alcohol addiction, for example. Treating addiction and mental health disorders together increases the likelihood of recovery. If you treat one disorder without addressing the other, then it’s more likely for both to re-occur. Here are a few reasons you should consider dual diagnosis treatment.

1. Personalized to fit your needs

While a dual diagnosis is not uncommon, it is still unique. As a matter of fact, over 1 in 4 adults with mental illness have a substance abuse problem as well. However, dual diagnosis is unique because it is specific to each individual, each person has a different experience, and dual diagnosis combinations are not all the same. Having a unique condition calls for unique treatment.

Instead of being treated for just a mental health disorder or just a substance abuse disorder, you will receive treatment for both at the same time. It is very important for a doctor to understand how your dual diagnosis affects you and how one disorder influences the other. Once gaining this understanding, your doctor will create a customized care plan to help you recover from both disorders, enhancing your chances for recovery and decreasing your chances of relapsing.

Understanding how to cope

Coping mechanisms for your mental illness might not apply or be the same when it comes to your substance abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment can help you discover coping mechanisms that work for you to treat both conditions. By understanding your triggers, you’ll be able to handle what life throws your way during recovery. It is important to let your doctor know of all issues you are facing so that they can provide you with the skills necessary for you to recover. These are skills that you will be able to use well after your dual diagnosis treatment.

3. Treating disorders separately can do more harm than good

An integrated approach to dual diagnosis treatment, meaning treating your co-occurring conditions at once rather than separately, will change your whole treatment experience. Sometimes when doctors treat conditions separately, or dynamically, they are missing huge opportunities for you to improve. Treating substance abuse without incorporating mental health treatment might mean that the mental health problem will linger below the surface and sprout up at the most inconvenient times, jeopardizing your recovery. Luckily, this is avoidable with dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment at Victory Bay Recovery Center

Victory Bay Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis center, located in South Jersey, that is committed to addressing all co-occurring conditions. We offer a safe, secure, and sober environment for you to recover, heal, and grow. Through multi-disciplinary treatment, including therapy practices and psychiatric services, we deliver care that is life-changing. Our treatment programs are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, our trained professionals take the time to understand your dual diagnosis and develop a custom program to give you the best results. Call us today at 855.259.1624 for more information on our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Recovery with Victory Bay

At Victory Bay we’re here to help you achieve a new life with a new start in recovery. To learn more about the variety of treatment programs we offer, including mental health, eating disorders, and substance use, contact us today by calling 855.239.5099.