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4 Signs Of Seasonal Depression

Victory Bay Recovery Center

As the weather starts to change and turn cooler, many people look forward to the approaching holidays and seasons. However, for millions of Americans, the changing seasons bring on negativity and pain. Why is this? These people suffer from seasonal depression. Seasonal depression is also referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), affecting people primarily during the fall and winter months. It usually lifts around springtime. You may wonder what it is about this time of year that would cause this disorder. Scientists point to the lack of sunlight as the root of the problem. If you feel more downcast during the fall and winter months, you may wonder if you have seasonal depression. Here at Victory Bay Recovery Center, we can guide you through four signs of this condition.


One of the tell-tale signs of seasonal depression is fatigue. This fatigue manifests in several ways. You may feel an overall lack of energy and motivation throughout the day that is unusual for you, or you may end up sleeping more than normal. Some people sleep throughout the day, causing significant problems with leading their regular lives.


As the term “seasonal depression” indicates, you will feel depressed when you have this condition. Depression is characterized by an overwhelming sense of sadness and emptiness. Other symptoms of depression include:

  • Physical complaints, such as headaches and stomach aches
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Insomnia or sleeping all the time
  • Excessive hunger or lack of hunger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability

Social Isolation

Another one of the symptoms of seasonal depression is social isolation. When someone is experiencing seasonal depression, they tend to isolate themselves from others. Withdrawing from others can serve as a coping mechanism for some people. However, it doesn’t make the problem go away, and it can aggravate the problem. By isolating yourself, you cut yourself off from those who could help you during this time.

Substance Use

Any time someone is dealing with a mental health disorder, it causes distress. Whether it’s a seasonal affective disorder or something else, people’s natural tendency is to make the negative feelings “go away,” even if it’s just temporary. This oftentimes involves the use of substances such as drugs or alcohol. When this happens, people may easily become addicted to the substance, thus creating another problem. When this occurs, they may need dual diagnosis treatment.

Help for Seasonal Depression at Victory Bay Recovery Center

At Victory Bay Recovery Center, you can find help for seasonal affective depression. At our facility, you can begin your journey to a brighter future. Compassionate therapists will welcome you to our tranquil center and customize an ideal treatment plan for your situation. If you are struggling with seasonal depression, we offer various therapy regimens to address this disorder. If you are also dealing with a dual diagnosis involving substance use, our team will assist you in proper treatment options.

Victory Bay Recovery Center can serve as your transition place as you heal from seasonal depression issues. When you arrive here, you’ll find a welcoming environment and a tranquil atmosphere to encourage you on your journey.

Also, you’ll find a broad range of treatment programs helpful in managing your condition. Some of these programs include:

Don’t let seasonal depression and/or substance use issues keep you from enjoying a blissful life. Now that you know more about the signs and symptoms of this disorder reach out for help. Contact Victory Bay Recovery Center at [Direct] today, and we will walk along beside you on your journey to a brighter future!

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