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Celebrating National Recovery Month

Victory Bay Recovery Center

For over 30 years, National Recovery Month has celebrated the gains made by individuals as they heal from substance use disorder and addiction. Every September, Recovery Month educates millions of Americans about the benefits of finding treatment. The core message is threefold–prevention works, treatment is the most effective way to heal, and recovery is not only possible but a reality for many.

Created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the US Department of Health and Human Services, Recovery Month no only raises awareness but encourages those in treatment to continue and gives those still needing help the resources and support they need to get started. Victory Bay Recovery Center knows you or a loved one can heal from substance use disorder or addiction; we’re here waiting to help. Take a look at how you can become involved in Recovery Month activities and how to reach out to us if you or a loved one needs support.

National Recovery Month

Every September, National Recovery Month embraces a theme to encourage those in recovery to continue, support those who have made sobriety their new lifestyle, and help those in need find the support necessary to heal. In 2020, the theme for Recovery Month is ‘Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections.’ Every year millions of Americans need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate as it affects the wealthy and working, young and old, and people of every race. Therefore, getting the help necessary to treat and heal from the disease should cut across all demographics. In your community, raising awareness for the need for recovery programs and the success in the recovery of others is key.

How You Can Participate

There are many ways you can show your support during Recovery Month. For instance, you can share your own story via social media. The more widespread real experiences with addiction and recovery become, then the more normalized it will be. Addiction isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and overcoming it and healing is something to be celebrated.

If you’re not ready to share your experience or if you don’t have one, then hosting or attending an event can be another way you can participate. Organizing a community walk or run or hosting a get-together or cookout where you share tools, tips, and resources can go a long way towards helping others educate themselves and find the support they need.

You can also write to your local and state government to encourage them to commit to improving access to addiction treatment programs. Ask them to sign a written statement affirming their commitment and intentions to increase awareness of substance use disorders and improve care for those who need it most.

Victory Bay

At Victory Bay, our compassionate and qualified counselors, therapists, and staff know that recovery is real. We’re waiting for you to join us and heal. Working alongside you, we can create a treatment plan based on your specific needs. We understand that no two people experience addiction or substance use disorder in the same way. Therefore, each individual will walk a unique path in recovery. By customizing your treatment, we can best fit your needs helping you heal from the disease of addiction and lower your risk of relapse.

Through our evidence-based therapies and treatment programs, you can look forward to the future with hope and health. No matter what your addiction issue may be, we can assist you. We offer a wide range of therapies, such as:

You’ll find these therapeutic services and more available in all our intensive outpatient program and other rehab programs. You don’t have to let addiction rob you of your health and wellbeing. Recovery is waiting for you, so contact Victory Bay today at [Direct]. Make this National Recovery Month the time when you got help for yourself or a loved one

Recovery with Victory Bay

At Victory Bay we’re here to help you achieve a new life with a new start in recovery. To learn more about the variety of treatment programs we offer, including mental health, eating disorders, and substance use, contact us today by calling 855.239.5099.