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Do I Have an Addictive Personality?

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It’s hard to hear about addiction without people tossing around the term “addictive personality.” However, how many people know the meaning of this term? Better yet, how do they know if they have this type of personality? Gaining some understanding can help you determine if you’re at risk of developing an addiction. We provide some of the best outpatient mental health treatment programs NJ has.

What Is an Addictive Personality?

Before you answer the question, “Do I have an addictive personality?” you must understand this personality type. Firstly, having this type of personality doesn’t mean that you have a drug addiction. People use this term to describe anyone who obsesses over something. In fact, people might say that those who can’t stop playing games or binge-watching TV shows have an addictive personality.

Secondly, not everyone refers to having certain traits as having an addictive personality. Some might refer to having those traits as having a habit-forming or dependent personality. Regardless, having these traits puts you at a greater risk of developing a drug addiction.

Seeing a Habit-Forming Personality in Action

Some people can go out to a restaurant, have a drink and leave it at that. Others, however, get hooked and feel like they have to have multiple drinks. In many of these cases, their personalities make it easier for them to fall victim to addiction than others.

Typically, these same people latch on to specific individuals, hobbies, or ideas. After all, drugs aren’t the only element that leads to addiction. Their personalities as a whole are major contributing factors.

Unfortunately, not everyone who struggles with this kind of personality knows it. Since so many people joke about having an addictive personality, it’s hard for some people to see the harm.

Do I Have an Addictive Personality?

If you worry about having a habit-forming personality, you can evaluate yourself. On the other hand, you can ask a family member or loved one to evaluate your personality. Some of the most common traits include:

  • Compulsive and obsessive: This is when repeated and persistent thoughts, urges, or mental images lead to behaviors a person feels they must do in response.
  • Cautious and disconnected: Worry is normal. But being overly cautious can be a sign of a deeper issue as can being remote or disconnected from others or surroundings.
  • Risk-taking and adventurous: There’s a difference between being fun or spontaneous and taking dangerous risks. However, those with addictive personalities don’t see one.
  • Unable to regulate emotions and behaviors: Another sign is sudden and intense mood swings or inappropriate overreactions to common occurrences.
  • Have relatives who suffer from addiction: Being brought up in an addictive environment increases the risk of developing an addictive personality.

By evaluating yourself, you can spot the signs before they become a problem. While there isn’t a cure for this type of personality, you can avoid making it worse. For example, let’s say that you determine you have a habit-forming personality. With this knowledge, you can make an effort to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Let Us Teach You Coping Skills

Do you struggle with addiction and have a habit-forming personality? If so, it’s time to reach out to Victory Bay. We provide some of the best outpatient mental health treatment programs NJ has. A few of them include:

Don’t let your personality lead you down the path of addiction. Learn more about the dangers of having an addictive personality. Reach out to our friendly staff at [Direct] to start treatment that you can count on.

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