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Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

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According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 10% of adults experience some kind of substance use disorder during their lives. To make matters worse, nearly 75% of them never seek professional help. Most experts say that people don’t seek help because they’re afraid that they can’t pay for an outpatient rehab center. Instead, they should question, “Does insurance cover rehab?”

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Let’s start with the main question at hand: Does insurance cover rehab? Unfortunately, there’s no straight yes or no answer to this question. However, people should know that all insurance companies cover the cost of rehab. That didn’t use to be the case, though.

The reason isn’t that insurers had a change of heart. It’s because government regulations changed how they interpret addiction. These regulations list it as a mental health disorder. Because of that, insurers must provide treatment for addiction like they do any other mental health illness.

Of course, the law doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has access to rehab coverage. The amount of rehab insurance coverage that they have depends on their policies. Like coverage for any other health problem, some policies cover more of the cost than others. Despite this, insurers must provide some kind of policies that cover treatment for addiction.

Does Insurance Cover the Full Cost of Treatment?

Once again, the amount that insurance companies pay for addiction treatment depends heavily on individual policies. Some rehab insurance coverage takes care of the entire bill. Other times, it only pays for a portion of the bill. In such cases, people have to cover the remaining cost.

Also, some policies only cover certain types of rehab. For example, one plan might cover outpatient rehab but not inpatient rehab. Filling out an insurance verification form at a rehab center can help people determine their coverage.

When insurance plans don’t cover the whole cost of insurance, people have many options for paying the remainder. They can apply for personal loans and use their savings accounts.

Understandably, they might not want to spend their savings on addiction treatment. However, it’s important to look at getting treatment as an investment. Without treatment, they might not have a future to save for. Also, at Victory Bay, we provide clients with a variety of treatment options making the investment in their recovery worthwhile. We understand that having the right resources customized to a client’s unique needs increases the likelihood of a lasting recovery. Sobriety demands the best traditional and alternative treatments. Some of the therapies we offer include:

In other cases, people could borrow money from friends or family who support their efforts to recover. The loved ones may send the money directly to the rehab center to ensure that it goes to good use.

Contact Victory Bay to Verify Your Insurance

Do you want to know more about the question, “does insurance cover rehab?” Victory Bay can verify your insurance to make sure that you have coverage. When you choose our facility, you get access to many unique programs, such as:

Don’t miss out on treatment just because you think that you can’t cover the cost of rehab. Let us teach you more about the common question, does insurance cover rehab for addiction. Contact our addiction treatment staff today at [Direct] to verify your insurance.

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