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Finding Connection in a Time of Social Distancing

Victory Bay Recovery Center

In humans, a social connection is essential to our wellbeing and health. Typically, we seek out human interactions when we are experiencing the stress of life’s challenges by looking for someone we can lean on. So, what do we do when we are faced with today’s social distancing challenges and still long for human interaction? 

The challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic have led the government to put social distancing policies in place, as recommended by the CDC. Social distancing is used to protect members of the community who may be vulnerable, allows our healthcare system to treat patients without becoming overwhelmed, and slows the infection rate. Here at Victory Bay Recovery, we can help individuals cope with the seeming isolation of social distancing through our numerous mental health programs.

What Does Social Distancing Ask Us To Do?a

According to WebMD, those who are lonely and isolated are linked to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, weakened immune system. Loneliness has also been said to lead to anxiety, depression, and early death. To maintain your physical and mental health during a time of social distancing, it is important to get creative on how you socially interact to maintain your physical and mental health. Social distancing does not mean that you must withdraw from society. There are many ways you can safely communicate with others. During addiction recovery, finding support from others is critical and can prevent you from relapsing.

Social distancing requirements: 

  • Avoid large crowds or groups of people.
  • Stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Close schools and provide online classes
  • Work from home if possible
  • Stay home
  • Close restaurants, sporting events, concerts, and retail locations

Ways You Can Still Socially Connect With Others

There are numerous ways you can still connect with others. For instance, use your smartphone, computer, or tablet to interact with loved ones. Facetime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are great ways to communicate with others face to face through video chat. Try using social media to share your skills by interacting with groups of people in positive ways. Join Facebook groups where you can share your art, recipes, or discuss a book that you recently read. Here at Victory Bay, we offer telehealth services that allow you to use your technology to get the mental health support as well as addiction treatment you need.

Spend time with the people you live with. If you are quarantined at home, you are likely with your family. Find an activity to do with your family that you may not get the chance to do normally, such as playing board games, eating dinner together, or find some projects to complete around the house. 

Attend a virtual class. Gyms have been shut down, but most of them are offering online classes for free. Check your local gyms Facebook or Instagram page to see if they are posting any live workout videos and follow along from your home. Working out is an excellent way to improve your mental health while you are stuck inside. 

Find a fun activity to do with your neighbors and their kids. Arrange a neighborhood scavenger hunt to search for specific items, create sidewalk chalk “art gallery,” or have your kids write letters to their grandparents and teachers.

Victory Bay Recovery

Social isolation can be difficult for all of us, especially if you are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. But even though we’re social distancing, you’re not alone. Here at Victory Bay, we’re able to still give you the support you need to heal and manage your recovery. So reach out to us today [Direct], and we will help guide you through a healthy and safe recovery.

Recovery with Victory Bay

At Victory Bay we’re here to help you achieve a new life with a new start in recovery. To learn more about the variety of treatment programs we offer, including mental health, eating disorders, and substance use, contact us today by calling 855.239.5099.