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Triggers of Anxiety

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For many people, triggers of anxiety happen at almost time and without warning. The combination of stress, life circumstances, financial problems, health problems, or strained relationships can cause a person to have a panic attack or outburst with little to no warning.

Anxiety treatment centers in New Jersey help clients identify triggers of anxiety so that they can learn new ways to cope with them healthily. Clients can develop coping skills that allow them to navigate stressful situations or conflicts without suffering from an anxiety disorder. Let’s look below at some common anxiety triggers.

To help yourself or someone you care about deal with anxiety issues, it’s necessary to learn what some common triggers of anxiety include. Once you learn to recognize these triggers, you are better positioned to deal with them.

Health Problems

Perhaps the leading triggers that cause someone to have anxiety are health problems. It can be highly upsetting hearing the news about cancer or a chronic illness. One of the reasons why it creates anxiety is because, in many cases, there is very little a person can do to improve their condition. The feeling of being out of control can paralyze a person emotionally.

Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Addiction can include alcohol and drug abuse or dependency on prescription medications. Long-term addiction can cause a person to feel anxious or depressed about their situation. They may try to quit. However, each relapse only causes more anxiety. Eventually, the addiction turns into a vicious cycle of anxiety and substance abuse. An addiction rehab center in New Jersey can help a person recover from their addiction and anxiety.

Mental Disorders

It is almost impossible to have a mental disorder that doesn’t lead to some form of prolonged anxiety. Common disorders associated with anxiety include:

An anxiety treatment program can help a person manage the symptoms of their condition without suffering from anxiety.

Daily Stress

Each person is equipped to deal with a certain level of stress. Once the stress goes beyond a certain threshold, it can turn into uncontrollable anxiety. Stress can come from almost any area of life: work, family, health, finances, etc. At times, stress can be one of the worst triggers of anxiety, leading to panic attacks or hysteria.

Conflict in Relationships

Few things can cause a person to become anxious like relationships. When conflict happens, a person is rarely equipped to deal with how to manage the problem they’re having with another person. Many times, they withdraw and withhold their feelings, or they lash out and yell. In either case, conflict is what triggered the anxiety.

Social Events

A room full of strangers can be intimidating for some people. Social situations cause a person to feel the pressure of having to engage. This can bring on a tremendous amount of anxiety, causing a person to either go into a panic attack or withdraw and leave the crowd as soon as possible.

Financial Problems

Financial concerns never seem to go away. Bills, debt, repairs, and living expenses always seem to plague the mind, causing ongoing stress. Unexpected expenses can cause a person to worry if they’re going to make it financially and whether they can support their family or themselves. Financial problems can be a significant contributing factor in anxiety.

Get Help for Triggers of Anxiety from Victory Bay

Triggers of anxiety do not have to plague your life. You can get help for an anxiety disorder at Victory Bay. We offer a wide range of programs at our outpatient drug rehab center in New Jersey. To find out more about your treatment options, contact Victory Bay at [Direct], and speak with a treatment specialist.

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