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Depressive Disorders

Depressive disorder can present with many different characteristics and varying degrees of severity. Symptoms of depression include difficulty concentrating and thinking, changes in appetite, feelings of hopelessness, loss of enjoyment in everyday activities, disrupted sleep patterns, loss of energy or constant fatigue, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and self-hatred, and thoughts of suicide and/or death.

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What is Depression?

Depression can have many different root causes. The cause for depression can vary from person to person and may even be multiple things. It is often hard for doctors to pick out a singular cause for depression. The human brain is so complex that there are still many things we do not understand. However, there are many theories on the root of depression including:

  • Stressful life changes.
  • Traumatic events
  • Grief over the loss of a loved one.
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Genetic or hereditary factors.

It is important to know that each patient is different and there may be multiple causes for your depression. It takes time to figure out the root cause to properly treat it.


Many people suffering from depression will draw away from loved ones. These individuals may also lose interest in their favorite activities.

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What To Expect

It can be very difficult to watch a loved one suffer from ongoing depression. In addition to guiding your loved one towards expert depression treatment, you can be a great help simply by lending a supportive shoulder and a listening ear. Our diverse mental health therapy services include:

  • Traditional psychiatric services
  • Psychiatric evaluation and consultation
  • Medication-assisted treatment programs

Don’t allow a mental health disorder to keep you from the life you deserve. We can help you overcome mental health conditions and find a new beginning.

Mental Health Treatment Modalities

Through cognitive behavioral therapy, we can help you identify negative thinking, feelings, or beliefs that you may have that are standing in the way of overcoming your mental disorder.



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